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Junta giratória de alta pressão da API 16C Chiksan
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Junta giratória de alta pressão da API 16C Chiksan

  • Junta giratória de alta pressão da API 16C Chiksan
  • Junta giratória de alta pressão da API 16C Chiksan
  • Junta giratória de alta pressão da API 16C Chiksan
  • Junta giratória de alta pressão da API 16C Chiksan
  • Junta giratória de alta pressão da API 16C Chiksan
  • Junta giratória de alta pressão da API 16C Chiksan
  • Junta giratória de alta pressão da API 16C Chiksan

Junta giratória de alta pressão da API 16C Chiksan

    Quantidade de pedido mínimo: 1 Piece/Pieces
    transporte: Ocean,Land,Air,Express
    Lugar de origem: China
    porta: China Sea-port,Railway station,Airport

Descrição do produto

High Pressure Movable Elbow

Integral Connector Fittings including tees, crosses, elbows and crossovers, widely used for connection units in hard plumbing applications. We offer a variety of high pressure integral union configurations and pressure ratings in forged Integral Fittings. Our products are manufactured from forged alloy steel. Our Integral Fittings are great for applications where an intersecting flow is needed. We could provide these with carious end connections, and meet the demand of standard or sour gas service.

The movable elbow is forged from alloy steel on a CNC machine tool. increase wall thickness Uniform and long service life. Appearance quality is comparable to imported fur; through group control of heat treatment production line, the service life of deformed body is prolonged. Three-lane design movable elbows are more efficient at carrying loads and diameter checks, keeping them balanced under pressure. When subjected to variable load, the pipeline vibration is small, and the connection size fully conforms to the American standard, which can replace similar foreign products. The seals are made of synthetic rubber with metal support balls. There are vent holes designed at the same time, and there are two air leaks at the seal. The leak is automatically decompressed to prevent the pressure created in the fairway control greatly improving the safety of use. Connector connections are fast and reliable.

High Pressure Movable Elbow 2 JpgHigh Pressure Movable Elbow 3 JpgHigh Pressure Movable Elbow 4 JpgHigh Pressure Movable Elbow 7 Jpg

The movable elbow is a metal pipeline joint equipped with ball bearings. It is a series of products that are digested, absorbed and technologically innovated on the basis of the technology transferred by FMC Corporation in the United States. Its specifications are 1''~4'', rated working pressure is 25~140MPa (3626psi~20000psi), and various types of flexible elbows and repair kits for use in normal temperature, low temperature and acid (H2S) environments can be provided.
There are two types of long radius and short radius. The long radius movable elbow has a smooth passage, which can minimize the resistance of the liquid when passing through, and the erosion and corrosion of the fluid on the wall thickness at the turning is better than that of the short radius. Short radius flexible elbows can be used when the installation space is limited or the pressure is low. The long-radius movable elbow of the new structure increases the wall thickness and strength of the parts that are susceptible to erosion, improves the erosion resistance and prolongs the service life.

Characteristics and features

▲Our Integral Fittings are made from high grade steel, fully heat treated and hardened to ensure superior mechanical properties.

▲These products can be manufactured with various end connections.

▲Our Integral Fittings are suitable for both standard and sour gas service.

▲Each of our Integral Fitting is made from high alloy forged steel that is heat treated for long lasting performance.

High Pressure Movable Elbow-1

Especificações e parâmetros


Tee, Cross, Elbow, Crossover

Rated Working Pressure


Nominal Size

1″, 2″, 3″, 4″

Temperature Rating

-29℃~121℃(PU), -46℃~121℃ (LU)

-20℉~250℉ (PU),-50℉~250℉(LU)


Standard, Sour Gas


Fracturing, Cementing, Acidizing, Testing Lines

High Pressure Movable Elbow

Cold Working Pressure (psi)


Nominal Size (inch)

1 1/2”; 2”; 3”; 4”

End Connection

Fig 602; Fig 1002; Fig 1502; Fig 2202 or Line Pipe Thread


10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 100


Long radius, short radius

Sour Gas Service is also available

High Pressure Movable Elbow 6 JpgHigh Pressure Movable Elbow 7 JpgHigh Pressure Movable Elbow 8 Jpg

Common Models for Integral Fittings

Production name


Working environment


Long sweep elbow



F×M,M×M,F×F,Welding type

Right angle elbow


FMF,FMM,FFM,FMF,MMM,FFF,Welded fitting


MFF,Welded fitting

Manifold tee

MFF,FFF,Welded fitting

Cross tee


Manifold cross


Integral fitting

2" ×3"
2" ×4"
3" ×4"

Terminal connection type:

Adapter:F×M,F×F,M×F,B×F,M×P,flange fitting×union,Welded fitting

Remark:.Each terminal end of Integral fittings can be customized in size (reducing nipple).

"F"-threaded joint,"M"-sphere joint,"B"-Internal thread,"P"-male thread

We can also customize your integral fittings as per your own drawings .

We can also supply Oilfield equipments:such as Cementing and Fracturing Equipment,Wellhead & Well Control Equipment,Gate Valve and wellhead Christmas Tree,Plunger Pumps and Mud Pumps, Flow line Products, Solid Control Equipment, Drilling Rigs and Work over Rigs Matching Equipment etc.

If you are interested in our Company or products, Please feel free to contact us!

Henan Youlong Petroleum Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd

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Henan Y Oulong PETROLEUM ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Co. , Ltd., Localizado na bela cidade de petróleo - Puyang City, no petróleo de Zhongyuan, localizado, é uma empresa de pesquisa e desenvolvimento de produção com organizações de pesquisa e desenvolvimento de produtos e equipes de serviço perfeito, principalmente Envolvido na gestão, pesquisa e desenvolvimento de equipamentos de perfuração e reparo de poço de petróleo, equipamentos especiais de campo de petróleo, equipamentos de extração de petróleo, ferramentas de cabeça e poço de poço e fornecimento de esquemas de design de design de engenharia de petróleo e serviços técnicos de engenharia de petróleo.

E também nossos principais grupos se envolveram principalmente na indústria de petróleo e gás, quase mais de 40 anos.

Nossos principais produtos e serviços são os seguintes:

* Oilfield equipment production and supply : Cementing and Fracturing Equipment, Gate Valve and wellhead Christmas Tree, Plunger Pumps and Mud Pumps, Flow line Products, Solid Control Equipment, Drilling Rigs and Work over Rigs Matching Equipment etc.

* Engenharia e trabalhadores fornecem ao local do campo petrolífero.

* Com Os térmicos infantis experimentados na manutenção de máquinas de perfuração, TDS, equipamentos de SCR, podemos empreender o bombeamento de petróleo da unidade de óleo bem no local. e distribua tubo de perfuração, colarinho de perfuração, revestimento, tubulação, tubo de perfuração especial, etc ...

Se você estiver interessado em nossa empresa ou produtos, entre em contato conosco!

Obrigado por parar aqui !

Introduction Pic

Informação de Companhia
  • Nome da empresa: Henan Youlong Petroleum Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd
  • representante: Tian Zongfeng
  • Produto / Serviço: Equipamento de cimentação e fraturamento , Válvula de portão e árvore de Natal da cabeça de poço , Bombas de êmbolo e bombas de lama , Produtos de linha de fluxo , Equipamento de controle sólido , Platas de perfuração e equipamentos de combinação de equipamentos de
  • capital: 6000000RMB
  • Ano de Fundação: 2019
  • Volume anual de vendas (milhões EUA $): US$5 Million - US$10 Million
  • Porcentagem de exportação: 61% - 70%
  • Volume de Compra Anual Total (EUA $ Milhões): US$5 Million - US$10 Million
  • N º de Linhas de Produção: 200
  • Número de Funcionários de I&D: 11 -20 People
  • Número de Funcionários QC: 5 -10 People
  • Serviços OEM Desde: yes
  • Tamanho da Fábrica (metros Quadrados): 10,000-30,000 square meters
  • Localização da Fábrica: No. 41, Zhongyuan West Road,Puyang,Henan,China
  • Pessoa De Contato: Mr. Jason
  • Número De Telefone: +86-393-8417400
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